My first book was published in August 2017 by Ellis and Maultby. It’s available to order from book shops or on Amazon in paperback, hardback and Kindle formats.

Theology of Everything

Human beings have gathered a vast amount of knowledge, but we each know only a little of it. We become specialists in narrow fields, from Airbus pilots to Zulu historians, then find it difficult to see what all of these areas of expertise might mean together.

This book makes two radical claims. The first is that all of our human faculties have evolved to show us important things about the universe, including our appreciation of beauty, our ability to make scientific measurements, our awareness of meaning and goodness, and our experiences of consciousness and community. We usually divide these different kinds of insights among different professions, but we can gain a far deeper understanding of reality if we bring them all together. The second claim is that it is Christian theology which can reveal that unity, resuming a traditional role that it has largely abandoned in recent centuries.

Far more comprehensively than atheism, a belief in God can offer a framework which makes sense of all our experiences in one coherent, rational and inspiring picture, a true theory of everything. The Renaissance can be found again in the 21st century.

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